City of Odessa

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City of Odessa

City of Odessa

City of Odessa

The City of Odessa is located at the southern end of Big Stone County.  While the community is small, you'll find that they draw many MNbump locals to celebrate the 4th of July.  One of their central attractions is the lawnmower parade!  You really need to attend the day to see/understand the fun had by everyone.

The Refuge Bar in town was recommended by our residents when polled to see what they would recommend for people to see, go, or do during a one-day visit to the MNbump.  Locals and out-of-towner hunters enjoy gathering at the Refuge Bar to swap stories.  They are a favorite stop by many.

Also on the "locals recommended" list in the City of Odessa is the historic jail still standing (not in use) in the center of town and Club 7-75!  And if you'd like to check out the complete list of recommendations LINK HERE

Check out the Odessa Volunteer Fire Department's Facebook Page for the latest training and activities.

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