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Concert of Prayer

Tonight! 8:15 p.m. —  We encourage you to stay home, turn on your porch lights and tune into an evening of prayer provided by clergy from across Big Stone County (MNbump!) — it would also be great to see photos of your front lights flooding Facebook!

Ways to connect with tonight’s Concert of Prayer:

KDIO – 1350 on your AM dial or the audio will be streamed live from this LINK:

Zoom as an Attendee this is the #1 way to watch tonight’s Concert of Prayer!  The first 100 that sign-in to Zoom will be able to view direct (see instructions & Zoom link below in red)

Facebook Live.  We will also be streaming Zoom to Facebook Live; however, in the event that the connection fails either from the beginning or during the Prayer service, please have KDIO ready for backup so that you can hear the audio.  Do not play them at the same time, though – since there is a 20-second delay on the feed through to Facebook Live.  (In testing, Facebook Live worked the “majority” of times… )

Zoom Attendee Directions:
On a cell phone, you should have already downloaded the “Zoom” app from your app store to your phone.  You do not have to open the app first, just click the link below and you will be on as an attendee.

On a computer, click on the link below… if you have never downloaded Zoom to your computer, you’ll be asked to do that which only takes a few seconds.  You will then be on as an attendee

LINK Zoom:  (note… link will not be live until 8:15)

Music will be provided by:
Franky Koval & daughter Addison, Hope 
Julie French, LINK to Lyrics How Great Thou Art
Jon Rogers, LINK to Lyrics Because He Lives

Thank you to Mary Ross for an awesome idea!
Thank you to all the Clergy that made this happen,
Thank you to Franky, Jon & Julie for the music, and
Thank you to Julie French & KDIO for carrying the Concert of Prayer this evening!
AND, thank YOU to everyone that joined in out there!
#LoveWhereYouLive #BigStoneCountyStrong


Help Request – Need Access to Items? COVID-19

We have a local business looking to expand items/services during this time of Coronavirus “Stay at Home” requirement.  Please complete this short form and list the items/services that you having difficulty finding and you’d like better access.

COVID-19 Business & Organization Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook Group for our businesses, organizations, churches, etc. to post their latest updates and information they would like to get to our residents.  As you can see below, those using this group to find updates on our businesses will be able to search all the posts – so when you are sharing one of your business posts or just adding a text update, make sure to use keywords that people would likely search for your business.  To note, the search does include your name or businesses name whatever you are using to share your information – it does that automatically.  We will update this page as we have tips on posting and searching.

Those checking out this Group Page – MNbumpBusinessOrganizations – will see this (below) which has the “search” box near the bottom.

If you have suggestions on how Big Stone Area Growth / MNbump can assist in connecting to resources, please use our contact tab at the top of this website and let us know!

This is not intended to replace advertising with our local media.  Especially at a time when so many are shut-in, they will be looking to KDIO 1350 AM (you can listen on-air and also on-line through their app), Ortonville Independent and the Northern Star for their local updates, news and just general mode of connecting with what is happening locally – so this is really prime time to advertise with them!

As a reminder, if you are looking for any business in Big Stone County, please use the link above (SEARCH for Businesses, Organizations, Hobby Groups & more) which will take you to the list pictured below… on any category that has a + behind it, click on the + to view the subcategories.  The example below shows how it would appear if you hit the “+” behind Restaurants & Coffee.  You can then select the subcategory to view – or of course, you could just select the main “Restaurants & Coffee” and see them all listed.   Further down the page (not shown below), there are additional options and a form to complete if you want changes in the categories on your listing or if your business is not listed.  There is no cost to be listed on this website.

Business Assistance due to Coronavirus

Written by Vicki Oakes, MNbump Blogger
Ortonville EDA & Big Stone Area Growth

KDIO Interviews (Thank you to KDIO for sharing the audio with us!)

4/3/2020 – Ask Dr. Bob!

3/30/2020 – Sheriff Brown & Dona Greiner’s Interview

3/26/2020 – Sheriff Brown & Gloria Tobias (Countryside Public Health)
What does the Stay at Home Declaration mean…

The BEST resources for all of the local announcements, stories…

KDIO 1350 AM – all the latest local news on-air & online!

and a subscription to our local newspapers Ortonville Independent & the Northern Star!

LOCAL ASSISTANCE:  $5,000 Emergency Loan Funds 
24 months at 0% interest + first payment deferred 6 months
Loans are available from Big Stone Area Growth and the Ortonville EDA on a first-come for serve basis.  (Funds are available through one or the other organization – and cannot be funded through both to combine/double the $5,000)

Links to the Program Description & Applications below:

IMPORTANT… please read the Directions to fill & submit the forms:  If you don’t save to computer before completing, you’ll lose the info…  Click on the link and download the form to your computer BEFORE you fill in the application information.  Once saved on your computer, open that document & complete the application.  Again, SAVE the form and email the form to  – please call 320-839-6155 if you have any questions or issues.

IMPORTANT… please read the Directions ABOVE before clicking on the link…

COVID-19 BSAG Business Assitance Loan Policies and App FILLABLE

Ortonville EDA COVID-19 Business Assitance Loan Policies and App FILLABLE


Paycheck Protection Program

MN DEED has now compiled a complete set of business resources


MN DEED has now compiled a complete set of business resources


And for the top landing page for all informational updates…

New 3/27  LINK:  Small Business Owners Guide to the CARES Act final
The programs and initiatives in the Coronavirus Aid, Relief, and Economic Security (CARES) Act that was just passed by Congress is intended to assist the business owners with whatever needs they have right now. When implemented, there will be many new resources available for small businesses, as well as certain nonprofits and other employers. This guide provides information about the major programs and initiatives that will soon be available from the Small Business Administration (SBA) to address these needs, as well as some additional tax provisions that are outside the scope of SBA.

New 4/2:  Peacetime Emergency Child Care Grants

New 3/26Day Care Resources (thank you to the Southwest Initiative Foundation!)

As a reminder from our Business Briefing, if you have any questions on the funding resources or any general questions – we are here as a local contact to help through a process,  get you pointed to the resource (and help you through that process if you’d like) – please call BSAG/Ortonville EDA at 320-839-6155.

LINK for detailed affected business list
LINK (form) Request Clarification on who can work & be open
LINK  Stay at home Resources


Countryside Public Health Announcement 3/23/2020

Follow their Facebook for updates directly!  LINK:

KDIO 1350 AM – all the latest local news on-air & on-line!

Ortonville Area Health Service

Minnesota Department of Health


Capital Investments in Ortonville over the Last 10 years

A great article from the website!

Original Post Link:  

2020 Listing the Ortonville Investments

Looking at the past 10 years… listing the businesses that have made major capital investments (investing in the permanent structures & securing our brick and motor tax base in the City of Ortonville for years yet to come).  Investing in our town.  I personally have found this list to be impressive!  Let’s take a few minutes to reflect and celebrate these awesome investments in our community!  – and if you see that I missed someone, give me a shout by using the contact form on this website.  (you’ll see a photo and then a very brief description – click on each of their links to see more about each business)

Bluestem Dental photo taken during construction. Parking lot is now paved & building complete.

Bluestem Dental – or newest business and building in town which just recently opened.  The lots were cleared and construction began… what a conversation piece as we anxiously awaited the completion!  Located on First Street and houses 10 jobs.

Lingonberry Lodge on Main Street (2nd Street)


Lingonberry’s Pastry & Coffee Shop

Lingonberry Lodge a beautiful lodging option overlooking Main Street and right next door to Lingonberry’s Pastry and Coffee Shop which opened earlier but within this current 2020 10-year capital improvement review.  Khadija (pictured above right) is a “Clinton” girl that has come home to Big Stone County – how’s that for a possessive attachment on my part to the owner of these two businesses?  🙂

Ortonville Mercantile & Gallery

Ortonville Mystery Games (escape room fun – always changing!)

Then there is Greg & Sue Lockwood that made three investments seemingly one right after the other!  They invested in a home, restored it and now is one of our short-term rental options – then they restored the “old bank building” – and I mean restored!! — to house the Ortonville Mercantile & Gallery.  This is a great stop even if you’re not shopping & just want to walk through and see the details of their amazing restoration… original doors from other historic buildings, the bricks, and beams which are all truly fascinating to stop in and see.  Of course, I’ve yet to stop in this business without finding something to purchase before I leave!  (maybe I need to learn a little self-control?!)


Northridge Apartments are located just north of the ball fields and south of the new building lots – and close to the golf course, senior housing, and municipal swimming pool.

Northridge Apartment Complex

It is pretty exciting to have this facility get a complete makeover into market-rate apartments!  The City of Ortonville/Ortonville EDA Housing Committee worked with the Minnesota Housing Partnership (MHP) (Housing Institute Program) for an 18-month course looking at Ortonville housing needs.  MHP also assisted with our housing study.  The first request to review our housing study is now the current owners of this building and major remodeling is underway.  We are very excited to see this project completed!

Idle Spurs Inn

This has been a total – down to the studs – remodel project which has now been completed.  Amazing owner – and rooms!  Make sure to check them out when you are staying in the area!

Over the Top Granite

Jerold & Mindy built a brand new building along Highway 75 and have been busy with installations since they opened (I think our house was even the first project – great workmanship!)

Let’em Buck Apparel & Supply

A wonderful store for men’s & women’s clothing, shoes, and accessories!  The building was totally remodeled for a retail store – located along Highway 75.


2nd Street Cafe &Coffeehouse

This building was originally completely (and beautifully!) updated by Julie Anderson & Dale Anderson and is now with new owners (Brenda and Sarah Keller, mother/daughter).  An excellent stop – check out the link to their Facebook page and scroll through the delicious dishes they serve!

Ortonville Family Eye Care

Jacob Bollman, OD and Todd Trudel, OD purchased this building and with major investment converted this space to a beautiful eye clinic and also made it possible for Woodland Centers to come to Ortonville also!

Old American Bike Barn

Wow.  You do not need to be in the market to buy a bike in order to enjoy (really enjoy!) stopping at the Old American Bike Barn when you’re in town!  There is always something new (old…) – the inventory is always changing.  I remember when I stopped in shortly after they opened and Kevin told me they had to take the website down until they could figure out how to handle the inquiries!  Tough problems to have when you open! ha  Stop in and talk with Tina or Kevin!

Sioux Historic Pavilion

One of Ortonville’s historic buildings – saved!  What an amazing restoration while keeping retaining so much of the history.  Not sure I’m comfortable talking history about a building that spent many a night roller skating on these beautiful floors!  Roller skating is still drawing our youth to gather and enjoy – and the facility continues to provide wonderful accommodations for weddings and other large venues.  Only now with a much-updated facility/amenities.  Thank you, Mark & Sheila Thompson!

The Ortonville Shop

Arachne Yarns

The Ortonville Flower Shop

Kandi Hamann has an amazing flower shop – and then she also purchased the building next door, opened up/connected the buildings and has provided additional space for the flower shop and also space brought two new businesses into town – Arachne Yarns and Richard Krogstad’s studio!  For special occasions (especially during the holiday seasons, there are additional vendors that “pop-up” for an extended weekend shopping event also.  What an addition to downtown!

The Smallest Art Gallery – connecting two buildings.  Both restorations/investments made in the last few years.

The Smallest Art Gallery

Kathy Marihardt.  Where do I begin!?  We have a community of amazing artists in Big Stone County and the surrounding area, with Kathy being one.  So many art activities utilizing various spaces in the school and buildings throughout Ortonville… then Kathy quietly purchases a building displaying her art along with hosting artists from the area and quite some distances away to show their art – with a “meet the artist” evening for each.  What an experience!  When the building next door became available, she purchased it and went to work rehabilitating that building to expanded her space.  There is always something new!

Ally Cat Bowling

Completed a substantial remodel to include the kitchen/restaurant!  They have awesome food – and a hearty breakfast menu in the mornings too!

Photo credit: Big Stone Fitness

Big Stone Fitness Center

This building has been completely updated and retrofitted into one of the finest fitness centers that you’ll find anywhere!  This has been an investment in the building – and community health!!

GoFasters Powersports & Marine, Owner Dustin Roggenbuck

GoFasters Powersports & Marine

With a major rehab to convert this very large industrial space to house retail and office space, along with showroom and storage – Dustin created an amazing space along Highway 75 by utilizing a building that had sat empty for some time and was in need of the upgrades.  The perfect space and location for this business!


Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Work

This building was originally built by Brad Snortum for his landscaping business.  He later built (another capital investment in Ortonville!) on First Street.  Amy and Darren Lang purchased this building and converted the building to house Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body Works which is their daughter, Kelly.  They also provided space for KDIO 1350 AM Radio – which thankfully the timing was perfect since a storm had totaled the building that they had been located in for many years – and we were now fortunate to keep them in Ortonville with the use of this space!  (The Lang’s would make a very good “blog story” someday… they’ve moved to the area, transformed this building & opened Kelly’s business, their son Troy has an excavating service and although Darren has full-time business that he works out of town – he also has started a quality duck guide service for Big Stone County hunting along with trips for duck hunting in Maine.  They also have a short-term rental lodge and RV spaces to accommodate their hunters.  And don’t let that leave you wondering what Amy does… she helps it all run smoothly!

Conroy Eye Care, PA

Conroy Eye Care, PA

Conroy’s updated this building which had been a clinic building years ago, housed the City Office for a short period of time and then was empty.  Thankfully, Chris and Traci found potential in this building and invested to update and convert this space to meet their needs.

Larry’s Refrigeration & Heating Inc.

Larry’s Refrigeration & Heating Inc.

In the past 10 years, Larry’s has remodeled the front inside and out and then converted the back to useable office space.  Tuckpointing, new roof and new interior walls & floor and new HVAC!


Heritage Printing

It takes some investment to tuckpoint an older building of this size!  The Swihart’s also restored the upper floor to living space – what a view of Main Street (and the Lake) they must have from up there!

Investors Advisory Management Group – Ortonville Office

Investors Advisory Management Group – Ortonville Office

This building was in need of renovations and tuckpointing when Becky Parker purchased the property – and the inside is as marvelous (if not more so!) as the outside!

Big Stone Chiropractic Health Center is pictured on the right.

Big Stone Chiropractic Health Center – Ortonville

Chance Haugen (owner) with the help of his father, Gary – worked to convert this building into a beautiful Chiropractic Health Center facility!

Dawn’s Hair Design

As with older brick buildings, there were storefronts with shared walls.  Dawn & Mark Hughes purchased the empty building next door and opened up the space to expand the business!

Big Stone Therapies

Big Stone Therapies, Inc.

What an area success story!  They were established in 1990 by two physical therapists – Paul Treinen and Wade VanDover – in the basement of the Ortonville Hospital.  They now consist of over 30 clinics in several states!  (Link to the location map)  The old Ortonville Hospital had set empty for a number of years before Big Stone Therapies purchased and started the renovations which were no small undertaking.  We are fortunate to still have this building still standing strong in Ortonville  — and to have Big Stone Therapies continue headquartering out of this area.

The Ortonville Independent

This building was constructed along Highway 75 providing much-needed space for their expanding equipment needs.  Quite an investment in our community!


Pro Image Partners

Dan & Brenda Kafka made a move to Main Street in Blair Johnson’s building for a major expansion – and then purchased the building next door to combine the two building into yet another expansion!  This Main Street business has quite a reach bringing in customers from all over the state and beyond.

Johnson & Roggenbuck, P.A.

And… who kicked off the amazing updates to downtown Ortonville?  Blair Johnson!  We lost the original structure on this lot to a fire and we were fortunate that Blair decided to expand his business and build a brand new building in its place to keep his expansion on Main Street.  They say this type of investment can have a domino effect – and in this case that appears to have happened!

Dollar General

It is great to see two new structures built at one of our main entrances into Ortonville – Dollar General on the Southeast corner and Casey’s General Store (below) on the Northwestern Corner.  With the Museum & Chamber located on the Southwestern corner and the Municipal Airport located on the Northeastern corner – all provide a very nice entrance to our community!

Casey’s General Store


Ortonville Area Health Services:  Hospital,  Clinic & Senior Housing

Of course, we have also had some major leadership and investment from the Ortonville City Council with the expansion of Fairway View Senior Communities and the all-new Ortonville Area Health Services clinic & hospital – which provides award-winning health care for miles around.

And, speaking of Ortonville Area Health Services and community investment… we need to give a shout out to an amazing Doctor who has been a pillar for both – our Dr. Bob Ross!

Dr. Bob was the recipient of the 2019 Rural Health Lifetime Achievement Award. Dr. Bob joined the Ortonville medical staff in 1977 and hasn’t sat still since. In 1989, Dr. Bob and his partners formed the Big Stone Health Care Foundation. The Foundation, along with Dr. Bob and the entire Board’s vision, has provided health care opportunities to our community that otherwise would not have been possible. We thank Dr. Bob, his wife Mary, and their entire family for the sacrifices that have been made in order for him to be one of the leaders for his partners, the staff, and most importantly his patients. Congratulations, Dr. Bob!

Shopping Local Series – Christmas Shopping at Home in the #MNbump

Shopping the MNbump this Christmas Season (and all year round)… Please shop local first & when you can.

As you scroll below, you’ll first see this post’s business partners and then you’ll find a link to every business (and organization, church, etc.) in Big Stone County sorted by category.  Remember – most have gift certificates available. (How do you become a business partner for one of MNbump’s posts? Watch our Facebook page and respond – no cost – we like to highlight a few of our businesses that stay connected to the ‘bump and reach out to help spread the news of Big Stone County. Staying connected, promoting each other – that is a great partner!

Shopping in Beardsley
by Matthew “Slim” Meyer

The season of giving is fast approaching and one thing no one wants to give anymore is their time! What better way to keep your time than to shop local and not travel over the river and through the woods to find gift options. A quick trip to Beardsley can easily fulfill all your gift needs. Shopping for men, shopping for women there are options for everyone.

A trip to Rolling Acres Boutique, located right outside of Beardsley can find you gift baskets, holiday decor and more. Look for the signs on Highway 7.

Maybe the items there are too frilly for your gift recipient? Head to the edge of town to CS Diesel for some items that are always much needed! Bows and wrapping paper still fit on truck parts, oil and filters.

Maybe in between is where you find your gifting needs, stop by downtown Beardsley and you can load up on gift certificates or even a meal to go from one of the our three eating establishments.

Bobby Jo’s Cafe and CateringStop in and check with Mary Sykora for a great deal or a great meal.

Big G’s Pub & GrubStop in and check with Gary or Holly for those special gift certificates.

One More Time BarGet that certificate for one of these awesome steaks!

These Beardsley establishments are more than excited to help out in making someone’s holiday happy!

Shopping in Clinton
by Janine Teske

If you are looking for that special gift for someone special this holiday season, Clinton in the #MNbump has quite a few options for you to choose from. Clinton Bucks can be purchased as a nice gift from Frandsen Bank. You can use these at any of the local businesses.

Bonnie’s Hometown Grocery has many unique items in her store as well as gift certificates to the store or to Bonnie’s Bloomers, her greenhouse that is open in the spring. Also available at Bonnie’s would be some items from Clinton Area home businesses including Becky’s Red Barn Candles and Etched Memories embroidery items.

Jamers One Stop also has gift certificates available as well as a few items for that last minute shopper. You can purchase your Minnesota Lottery tickets there as well.

The Downtown Diner has gift certificates available as well for that special someone to take a night out on the town. Home of the famous steak cubes that are so popular in the Mnbump!


You can also order your food and the Downtown Diner will deliver it to the NorthStar Saloon and you can eat there as well, or get a gift certificate for a night on the town at a later date or a special off sale bottle or 12 pack from the Saloon.


Amanda’s Shear Impressions also has gift certificates available or shop her store for lotions and other personal items.

If you are looking for a new computer or repair, check out CTS Repair online or stop in and see Rich for your customized system just for you.


In our rural area, be sure to check out John G. White or Jean Menden who are local artists that will be displaying their work at Listening Stones Gallery on Saturday, December 14th.

Clinton on the #MNbump is a great place to shop!

Shopping in Graceville
By Gina Gilsdorf

Christmas is just around the corner and we all have a few people on our list that may be a bit tricky to buy for. Shopping local in the City of Graceville is always appreciated and with so many options you can’t go wrong.

The Flower Box is a great place to shop for a beautiful gift of flowers or a holiday plant.

Down the road, a local home business, The Studio is a great place to get some custom hand made jewelry.  Some of their pieces are made from old heirlooms or silverware that might have been grandma’s.  Check out their Ann and Pam’s creations.

Any resident of the MNbump could always use a gift certificate from a number of our local businesses,  such as the famous pizza from Headquarters Bar.

Gina Lee Photography also offers gift certificates for a perfect gift for your family photo sessions.

Whatever you’re looking for, we can help you find it here in Graceville in the MNbump.

Shopping in Odessa
By Mary Hillman

Club 7-75  just outside of Odessa on, you guessed it, the intersection of Highways 7 & 75 – Known for their amazing Prime Rib and delicious Salad Bar – would make a great gift certificate for any occasion!

Shopping in Ortonville
By Vicki Oakes

Let’em Buck Apparel & Supply is located along Highway 75 and has both men’s and women’s jeans, clothing and boots & shoes… and an abundance of accessories! FUN stop!!

Pro Image Partners, Inc. is a great stop downtown Ortonville! You’ll find a nice selection of tops, jackets, t-shirts and more in their store, a great online store (especially for your sports support items!) and custom designs to order. Now that is not Dan & Brenda Kafka (owners) in the photo – but they are a couple of the awesome staff at Pro Image Partners that agreed to be in the picture for me when I stopped in this morning!

OMG, Ortonville Mercantile & Gallery
You can spend hours in this delightful store with so much variety – and some have even lost track of time just looking at the work that owners Greg & Sue Lockwood have done to restore this building. A must-see store in downtown Ortonville!

Design Electronics, Ortonville – It is awesome to have such a great selection of electronics in Ortonville! And you just cannot beat the help you get at this store whether it is with your new phone, TV or other electronic gadgets.

Ortonville Family Eye Care Located downtown Ortonville

Did you know you can purchase non-prescription sunglasses such as Coach and Oakley here also? Stop on in and pick up a gift certificate!

OMG, Ortonville Mystery Games – located downtown Ortonville
Do you know someone on your gift list that loves a good mystery… pick up a gift certificate for one of the Escape Rooms! This seasonal room, in particular, I hear is quite the challenge!

Conroy Eyecare, PA – located up on Third Street
Another great gift certificate opportunity for sunglasses & eyewear – check out some great gift ideas.

Lingonberry’s Pastry and Coffee Shop located downtown Ortonville has a wonderful display of treats and a delicious breakfast & lunch menu! Oh, and of course coffee!! Pick up a gift certificate – or better yet, how about just take that special someone out with you to Lingonberry’s!?

Big Stone Vacation Home Rental – Planning (& booking!) a vacation at this home on Big Stone Lake would certainly make a fantastic gift!

You’ll find Artie’s Bait & Tackle at the intersection of Highway 7 & 12 at the south end of downtown Ortonville. There is quite a range of sporting gifts packed in this store and a gift certificate always works too!

Norwex – Rachelle Brown — A great idea for gift-giving any time of year! (or when you need to pick up some great cleaning products for yourself)

2nd Street Cafe and Coffeehouse – downtown Ortonville. Wonderful specialty coffees, delicious treats – and if you’re hungry for some great “home-cooked” type meals (breakfast or lunch) this is your stop! The perfect choice for everyone: a Gift Certificate!

Helping Hands Therapeutic Massage & Body on the southern end of downtown Ortonville  – a gift certificate would make an excellent gift!

Ally Cat Bowling – pick up a gift certificate for bowling and/or GREAT food!

Shady Oak Realty– A new house or cabin would certainly be an excellent gift!

A huge shout out to the business above for connecting with MNbump for this post!
As you are checking off your Christmas shopping list (or any time of year), please make sure to check out all of our Big Stone County businesses… you can find a complete list at this link (sorted by category): Big Stone County Businesses
Shop local first – shop local when you can – Thank you!!

Shopping Local Series – Hair Salons

The first in our “Living Rural & Shopping Local” series!  As we swing into the holiday seasons in the fall, winter, and then ringing in the new year, hair salons are likely on the top of most preparation lists.  (we’ve provided links to those that have an online presence)

Also, a little reminder… our salons carry a wide range of products that make great gifts this Christmas season (or check on a gift certificate!)  #ShopLocalFirst

We first hear from Gina Gilsdorf, our MNbump Connector from Graceville.

The City if Graceville has three hair salons open to the public and one salon located at Grace Home for our nursing home and assisted living residents. The other three are located downtown. Kreative Hair and Nails by Kendra and Shear Grace Salon are located on Main Street. J&R Headhunters is just off main on 3rd street. The salons in our area are all a great asset to our community offering a variety of services including cuts, colors, perms, toning and much more.

Next, we have Ortonville Salons submitted by MNbump Connector Vicki Oakes

Photo:  Ortonville Main Street with clouds rolling in – snow expected soon (11-25-2019)

In Ortonville, we have two salons downtown – Dawn’s Hair Design and Hair Classics along with two salons up off/on Highlighand Highway – Beauty and Grace Salon and Studio 210.  Ortonville’s Salon’s carry a full range of products and services – they have us covered!  There are also two beauty salon stations located within our senior housing complex, Fairway View Communities, (shown below) that we are fortunate to have covered through appointments by some of our local salon stylists!

Next, we have our MNbump Connector, Janine Teske, reporting on Clinton.

Amanda’s Shear Impressions located on Main Street in Clinton has a lot to offer her clients. In addition to hair cuts, color and styling for the entire family, she provides manicures, Gel nails, pedicures (which are awesome!) and Facial Waxing.  A variety of other products are also available at her salon, as well as a great conversation!  In addition to offering her services at the salon, Amanda also has a chair at the Clinton Care Center where she provides services to the tenants that live there.  Amanda’s shop is a great asset to the Clinton Community!

For the full list of businesses, organizations, etc. use our top-line menu – our goal is to have every business posted on this site so if we are missing one, please let us know!

Looking for Employment?
Looking for Housing?

Fun Fall Activities in the #MNbump

Fall is a special time in the #MNbump and in the upcoming days there is no exception to the activities that are available for kids and adults.  There are several Fundraising Meals, Fall Suppers, Halloween Events and other fun activities to keep us all busy!  Check out the info below and click on the events to take you to the links to the events, if available.

Thursday, October 24th

Chili and Soup Feed Fundraiser

First English Church – 11 am – 1 pm Free Will Donation

Image may contain: text

Friday, October 25th
Treat Street – Downtown Ortonville

No photo description available.

Saturday, October 26th
Trunk or Treat Hosted by GWO
Main Street – Graceville
Free Mini-Photography Session by Gina Lee Photography

Image may contain: text

Saturday, October 26th
Boo! and Bingo Party – Big Stone City Library
10 am – 1 pm


Saturday, October 26th –
4-H Annual Halloween Carnival at the Fairgrounds
5:30 – 9:30 pm

Image may contain: text

Saturday, October 26th
Firemen’s Halloween Dance
Sioux Historic – Ortonville  – 9 PM

Image may contain: one or more people and text

Sunday, October 27th
Big Stone City’s Ghouls & Goblins Street
3 PM – 5 PM

Image may contain: text

Wednesday, October 30th – Holiday Expo
Clinton Women’s Civic Club 4 – 7 pm
Clinton Memorial Building
Clinton Crew Cancer Support Group Fundraiser Supper

No photo description available.

Thursday, October 31st – 1:00 – 3:30 pm
Main Street Treats  – Downtown Clinton

Image may contain: text

Thursday, October 31st
Ally Cat Halloween Party
7 PM – 9 PM  Costume Contest

Image may contain: text

Friday, November 1st – 5-7pm
Big Stone County Cancer Support Group
Chicken and Fish Fry – Big Stone Legion

Image may contain: text


12:30 – 3:30

check out a video from last year’s event:

Wednesday, November 6th
Trinity Lutheran Youth Group Fall Supper
5 – 7 PM -Clinton

Image may contain: text

Saturday, November 9th –
Ortonville Early Childhood Initiative
Kids Glow Party – 2 – 4 pm – Ortonville VFW Basement

Image may contain: text

Saturday, November 9th
Glow Bingo for 18 and over
Ortonville Early Childhood Initiative
Ortonville VFW Basement – Beginning at 7PM

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US Senator Tina Smith Visits Ortonville Area Health Services

US Senator Tina Smith visited Ortonville Area Health Services this afternoon to listen and to learn how she can support communities to keep and sustain their health care in the face of a lot of really big challenges.  Her main questions today were:  how do you make it work in your communities, what are your challenges, what are the opportunities and what can she do to help bolster the areas, especially around workforce.  Other health care representatives present joining the discussion were representatives from Appleton Area Health Systems, Johnson Memorial Health Services (Dawson) and Lakewood Health Systems (Staples).  Carrie Bendix from the SW MN Private Industry Council (who also works with the workforce development board for the 14-county area) was also present to talk workforce.

There was great discussion shared amongst all in attendance which ended with Carson Ouellette, the Northwest Minnesota Outreach Representative for Sen. Smith, bringing the discussion to a close with “So I hate to cut it short but I do want to get a chance to see the award-winning OB department!”  With that, they wrapped up the discussion and took the tour.  (Ironically, Dr. Stacy Longnecker had left the meeting midway through to deliver a baby!)

US Senator Tina Smith talking with Maria Botker (OB & ER Nursing Coordinator) during the tour.

In reference to the “award-winning OB department”, Carson was referring to the 2019 Rural Health Team Award – in recognition of contributions improving the health of rural Minnesota at the Minnesota Rural Health Conference which was held in Duluth earlier this year.  (see video below)

We are very fortunate to have the Big Stone Health Care Foundation who has been key in recruiting many of our local people back “home” to work at Ortonville Area Health Services (OAHS) and to have a strong relationship and support through Sanford Health.

An interesting side note (one that I had forgotten) was that both Dr. Botker and Dr. Longnecker started their health careers way back “in the beginning” working as CNAs.

OAHS currently has six MDs with three more coming on board by November 2020.

Ortonville Area Health Services is dedicated to offering excellent care in all facilities of their health care system.  They serve the area through Ortonville Hospital, Northside Medical Clinic, and Clinton Clinic, Fairway View Senior Communities, and OAHS Home Health Agency.

Fairway View Senior Communities on our 18-hole golf course.

For more about Ortonville, you’ll find their community blog at and the City’s official website at

Written by Vicki Oakes

Meander Art Crawl Features Several #MNbump Artists – Oct. 4-6


The 16th annual Upper Minnesota River Meander Arts Crawl will be held on October 4, 5 & 6, 2019. The Meander is a free self-guided tour featuring 42 artists from 5 counties in western Minnesota. The annual event offers a chance for the public to meet with the region’s top artists in their home studios nestled among the small towns and family farms found in the Upper Minnesota River Valley.

We are happy to be able to highlight the #MNbump artists who will be participating in this years Crawl.   Click on the photos below to check out their locations for the Meander and also the links below the photos to follow their pages.  For full details on the 2019 Meander – the Upper Minnesota River Art Crawl click here for the link to their page.

The full brochure of all the events can be found on this link.