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The Arctic Open in Clinton MN!

One of our annual events here in Big Stone County is golfing on ice! We get creative, here on the MNbump! Golfing starts mid-morning and goes into the afternoon with a bean bag tournament starting mid afternoon at the Memorial Building and ending the evening with a Sweetheart Dance at the NorthStar Saloon. The first video is a few highlights from this year’s Arctic Open (thanks to MNbump Blogger, Janine Teske, and also the awesome Amanda Tatro!!) The second video is a blast from the past – thanks to Pioneer Public TV for the interview (and allowing our use of their video all these years later!)

WCCO – Goin’ to the Lake Series in Ortonville

The links below (Day1 & Day 2) each have many video links from their trip! Going to the Lake (Day 1) Goin’ To The Lake: Ortonville (Day 1) Going to the Lake (Day 2) Goin’ To The Lake: Ortonville (Day 2) “Maxie’s suiting up with the Ortonville high school football team!”     Fun tour of the Ortonville Golf Course 🙂   Interview with Artie Arndt of Artie’s Bait and Tackle – Source: 8-18-16 Sports to the Max 8pm   Interview with John Thomas – the Rox John Thomas spoke with Mike Max on Sports to the Max about Rox baseball and his father/Rox manager Ron Thomas. A State of 10,000 lakes – and Big Stone Lake is one that is picked for WCCO’s Goin’ To The Lake Series – awesome! Watching Tanner taking out the WCCO crew for a short fishing spot for their program was fun to watch – Tanner is one of our young people that is looking for ways to stay in our area — and bonus, his service brings more people …

Highlights from the Big Stone County Fair 4-H

Our Big Stone County Get Together!  Enjoy a few 4-H Highlights – this post comes at a time of excitement from the State Fair.  Check out Suzanne Souza’s Facebook post – Disclaimer:  This blog post focuses on the 4-H livestock, etc.  Watch for other MNbump youth highlights from throughout our County.  There is more to 4-H than is covered in this post… and more youth opportunities than 4-H! Our 4-H Youth, their families, those that extend their farm sites for animal housing and 4-H director, Suzanne Souza are amazing!  You do not have to spend much time around the barns, the 4-H Exhibit building and the 4-H food stand (and malt stand!) before you see into an amazing world of learning (through some hard work and dedication) and a network of support that is really hard to put into words.  They are competing to do and be the best – yet it does not appear to take away even in the slightest of ways their total support for each other! One short and personal observation… I started …

Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit – Big Stone Lake 2016

Cabela’s Masters Walleye Circuit Returns to Big Stone Lake April 29th – 30th. Highlights from the two-day tournament If you are in one of the photos posted and would like a ‘full pixel’ copy of the photo, use the “Contact” tab on the top line menu to make a request and I will e-mail it to you shortly! Wishing the best of luck to all of the fisherman during this year’s tournament!! There are some determined fishermen out on the lake this morning!  A little rain into sleet was the weather a few minutes ago!   It was a very calm – beautiful morning to send off the boats!   Video from this morning’s send off   2016 MWC AM Launch from Vicki Oakes on Vimeo. The top two teams after day one! Thank You!! Congratulations to our Hometown Winners of this year’s MWC on Big Stone Lake! Father/Son – and third generation fishing in the MWC – Team Winners –  Video of the top 3 teams – tense moments before the winning team was identified. …

2016 Salt Lake Birding

Thank you to Edie for sharing this!  (If you’d like to see highlight’s from last year’s events: Birding 2015) Salt Lake Birding Weekend 2016 Saturday April 23 Sponsored by MOU and MRVAC If you’re dreaming about spring and finding migrating shorebirds or prairie wildflowers, why not join the 41st annual Salt Lake Birding Weekend? On Saturday April 23, 2016, volunteers will guide birders around Salt Lake, Big Stone Refuge, the lakes, wetlands and native prairies in Lac qui Parle, northern Yellow Medicine and southern Big Stone counties. This event is free and

Kelly Asche, U of M Center for Small Towns, Presentation

The presentation last night was excellent!  We have received great feedback on the evening, and we are looking forward to scheduling the first work session within the next few weeks. If there are people within the ages of 30 to 49 that are looking to move to rural areas of Minnesota, how do we let them know what a great option Big Stone County would by? BSAG Handout: Handout Page 1 Our Call to Action Handout  Page 2 About BSAG 2016-03-07, Big Stone Presentation  Presentation Video: BSAG Presentation Kelly Asche from Vicki Oakes on Vimeo.   Discussion following the Presentation Video:

Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting Invitation!

When:   Monday – March 7th – at 7:00 PM Where:  Veterans Memorial Building, Main Street, Clinton Rural is Our Opportunity This is your call to action! Population projections for 2010 to 2025 show that Big Stone County is 1 of only 9 counties projected to lose population during that time frame. How can we change that? Complete Information & Invitation:  Invitation BSAG Kelly Asche Kelly Asche comes highly recommended… and treats will be provided by the Inadvertent Cafe! Take a moment to look at the pictures below.  They are from just a few of our events that are held annually throughout MNbump (Big Stone County).  Do you know who the people are that work behind the scenes to make each of these (and other) awesome events happen?  Two of the pictures are not from an annual event; however, they took quite a large number of community members to make them happen! We are hopeful that you can attend the Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting on Monday, March 7th!  We all need to pull …