Beardsley Fire & First Responder’s Pork Supper

Beardsley Fire & First Responder’s Pork Supper

This is always a fun summer event in Beardsley!  Kids playing in the Park, delicious pork supper, great conversation and… this year’s safety demonstration was provided by the Traverse Electric Co-op, Inc. out of Wheaton.  I’ve embedded the demonstration from the Facebook Live post below – and I would highly recommend watching it – very useful information!  I could write about the warm greetings you receive when you enter the park and the awesome feel you get from this community picnic – but I think the pictures tell the story best!


Facebook Live Video – video quality a little off in the very beginning but it gets better as the video progresses.

You can check out last year’s safety demonstration & dinner post at this link:
2017 Beardsley Fire & First Responders’ Pork Supper

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