Annual Events & Youth – 2021 Recent Reflections

Annual Events & Youth – 2021 Recent Reflections

As we head into one of our busiest event weekends, we thought it would be nice to reflect on some 2021 highlights.  And make sure to watch for videos, pictures & highlights from the upcoming Christmas events!  (And a Facebook Live of the Ortonville Lighted Christmas Parade which starts at 5:30 on December 4th! – LINK to our Facebook Page.

Who covers the MNbump?  Janine Teske (Clinton, Graceville, Beardsley, Johnson & Barry ) & Matthew “Slim” Meyer is also in Beardsley – Mary Hillman covers Odessa & Correll and Vicki Oakes covers Ortonville

We post our videos on Facebook first and periodically upload some of the videos to our YouTube Channel.

Harvest/Hallowen is a fun time for the kids!  Our businesses along with the groups and community organizations make sure there is activities and lots of candy! — In Beardsley, Clinton, Graceville & Ortonville.

Here is a short clip from Ortonville’s Treat Street

4-H puts on a great event at the Fairgrounds every year….


This MNbump blogger (Vicki for Ortonville) takes a video camera along when attending Ortonville School events and captures a few highlights to share (a volleyball game & football game) and a special shout out to CGB

C-G-B!  Congratulations – Moberg wins second straight MVP!

The Annual Cornfest Event – a few highlights in this video

National Night Out

This last video has highlights from across the County from earlier in the year.

… and there were a few highlights – MNbump Life!

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