Concert of Prayer

Tonight! 8:15 p.m. —  We encourage you to stay home, turn on your porch lights and tune into an evening of prayer provided by clergy from across Big Stone County (MNbump!) — it would also be great to see photos of your front lights flooding Facebook!

Ways to connect with tonight’s Concert of Prayer:

KDIO – 1350 on your AM dial or the audio will be streamed live from this LINK:

Zoom as an Attendee this is the #1 way to watch tonight’s Concert of Prayer!  The first 100 that sign-in to Zoom will be able to view direct (see instructions & Zoom link below in red)

Facebook Live.  We will also be streaming Zoom to Facebook Live; however, in the event that the connection fails either from the beginning or during the Prayer service, please have KDIO ready for backup so that you can hear the audio.  Do not play them at the same time, though – since there is a 20-second delay on the feed through to Facebook Live.  (In testing, Facebook Live worked the “majority” of times… )

Zoom Attendee Directions:
On a cell phone, you should have already downloaded the “Zoom” app from your app store to your phone.  You do not have to open the app first, just click the link below and you will be on as an attendee.

On a computer, click on the link below… if you have never downloaded Zoom to your computer, you’ll be asked to do that which only takes a few seconds.  You will then be on as an attendee

LINK Zoom:  (note… link will not be live until 8:15)

Music will be provided by:
Franky Koval & daughter Addison, Hope 
Julie French, LINK to Lyrics How Great Thou Art
Jon Rogers, LINK to Lyrics Because He Lives

Thank you to Mary Ross for an awesome idea!
Thank you to all the Clergy that made this happen,
Thank you to Franky, Jon & Julie for the music, and
Thank you to Julie French & KDIO for carrying the Concert of Prayer this evening!
AND, thank YOU to everyone that joined in out there!
#LoveWhereYouLive #BigStoneCountyStrong


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