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MNbump Assets

Thanks to the help from the University of Minnesota’s Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and their Tourism Center we’ve been working on identifying a deeper understanding of our tCemetery Fundraisher 2016tourism potential and ways to develop opportunities – and we have been busy identifying assets… Big Stone Lake, Big Stone Lake State Park, Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge, hunting & fishing, bike trail, historic buildings, Arts, birding, shopping – and the list goes on.

HOWEVER, while enjoying a delicious meal that was served at St. John’s Catholic Church today (a fundraiser for the the Ortonville Cemetery Association) and looking at all of the people already there (our Church gets out a little later than most and they were still serving!) enjoying the meal and visiting with each other — and thought “Wow.  The biggest asset that we have here in the MNbump area is our people!”  Life is Good here on the MNbump!


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