Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting Invitation!

Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting Invitation!

When:   Monday – March 7th – at 7:00 PM

Where:  Veterans Memorial Building, Main Street, Clinton

Rural is Our Opportunity
This is your call to action!

Population projections for 2010 to 2025 show that Big Stone County is 1 of only 9 counties projected to lose population during that time frame.
How can we change that?

Complete Information & Invitation:  Invitation BSAG Kelly Asche

Kelly Asche comes highly recommended… and treats will be provided by the Inadvertent Cafe!

Take a moment to look at the pictures below.  They are from just a few of our events that are held annually throughout MNbump (Big Stone County).  Do you know who the people are that work behind the scenes to make each of these (and other) awesome events happen?  Two of the pictures are not from an annual event; however, they took quite a large number of community members to make them happen!

We are hopeful that you can attend the Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting on Monday, March 7th!  We all need to pull together – this is truly a call to action!  (although an RSVP is not required – if you’d send a quick e-mail to [email protected] to let us know if you plan to attend, it would help in preparing the treats!)









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