MNbump Wellness Challenge

MNbump Wellness Challenge

Fun to see all of the interest!  We’ll post links & latest information on this page as we get teams organized and ready to start.

Would you like to be connected with a team in your community?  Please complete this short form & we’ll match you up!

If you’ve put together a team of 10 (or almost 10 & you’re looking for more to complete your team), you can message on Facebook Sara Tollakson or Vicki Oakes or you can e-mail [email protected]

New!  The Rules have been posted – Contest Details

Our Facebook Group Page has been created!  All of the participants of the Challenge and all of the Business Sponsors will be members of the Group.  The Group page will be an encouragement (and fun!) connection for everyone.  It will provide wellness tips & Challenge updates.  If you’re not participating, you’re still encouraged to follow the page and take advantage of all of the healthy/wellness information that will be provided!  Link to Group Page:  2018 Wellness Challenge Facebook Group

More information will be posted soon!


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