Two MNbump Area Authors have gone International!

Two MNbump Area Authors have gone International!

Sandy Hanson with her “A Camel’s Story Trilogy” and now Michael Larson’s “Easter Sparrows” have been translated in both Russian and Ukrainian and published in Ukraine!  They shared their story at a celebration hosted by Living Hope Fellowship Assembly of God in Ortonville and during Sunday service at New Life Community Baptist Church in Ortonville the following day.  You will find the video of the stories shared below.

Bill Arvan of READ Ministries shared his passion for Ukraine.  READ’s motto is “Taking Truth to Tough Places”.  Bill is often referred to as ‘a bridge to Ukraine’.

The first Camel Story was ‘born’ as a puppet play performed at Living Hope Fellowship in 2000 – The play and presentations were held in almost every church in the region over the years.  New Life Baptist has a passion for Ukraine – who knew it would spark a mission for our books to get there too?  So far 14, 350 of Sandy’s Camel stories have been distributed in Ukraine through READ Ministries.  Recently a pastor from southern Ukraine has requested READ to help him place Camel stories in 1,000 schools there.  (His targeted readership is grades 1-5 and he can place a set of the stories in each classroom.  So there are in effect 5,000 classrooms in which the Camel Story trilogy can be placed!)  READ has already committed $3,000 to help him launch his initiative.  More money is needed!  Living Hope Fellowship offered a free will offering and New Life Baptist Church took a special offering to offer support.

Mike Larson has been notified by Smyrna (4th largest Christian publishing company in Ukraine) that his book, “The Easter Sparrows” is set to be released just in time for the Passover season in Ukraine!

Authors Sandy Hanson and Mike Larson would like to express their appreciation to the community, churches, and all who have supported their work over the years.  Special thanks go out to Elaine Gable (as Sandy says she is “the heart of the Big Stone Arts Council) who invited Kristi Delage (Camel Story Artist) and Sandy Hanson to join in the Meander several years ago – (that’s where the two authors first met).  Sandy and Mike are members of the Big Stone Arts Council.

Video:  Author Mike Larson talks about his book (& beginnings)

Video:  The Camel Story in Ukraine (interesting there is a connection to Odessa, MN!)

Video:  And, parting words (& songs!) from Xavier B. Haven (Camel puppet)


and a shout out to Mary Hillman on the awesome cakes that were made for this event!


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