Get your Event listed with MNbump!

Get your Event listed with MNbump!

There are a couple of ways that MNbump can help to promote your Events.

1) You can create a Facebook Event. This Event will be added to the MNbump Facebook Events list & a link will be included on the MNbump Calendar of Events. A Facebook Event is a great way to promote – it is easily shared and activities and general updates are easily added in one place to keep those interested up-to-date on the latest plans. In order for MNbump to share your Event on our Facebook Event Page, you will need to make the Event “Public” when you create it (if you do not make it public at the time you create the Event, there is no way to change it).

Here is a quick little (armature!) how-to-video for creating a “Public” Event:

2) Your organization or business can create a public Google Calendar and let us know the link to your calendar. We will then merge your calendar with MNbump’s and your activities will always be current and available to the public!

If you are planning an event in Big Stone County, our Calendar is your best ‘first check’ to see if there are activities that would conflict!

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