Unique New Business just Opened here on the MNbump!

Unique New Business just Opened here on the MNbump!

I’m pretty excited about this new business (of course I’m excited about EVERY business here on the MNbump!) It was funny to hear the story of their opening  – they had listed a few of their “old” bikes on-line and as Kevin described “We had so much activity that we had to shut’er down after only a week!” They decided that they needed to be a little more prepared before they opened that up again! Love it!

You can easily hear their love for the bikes when both he (Kevin Backstrand) and his partner Tina Richards talk about each bike on their showroom floor and their plans for the future. They not only sell the bikes they also have in stock those hard to find parts for the older antique models. One bike is heading to Poland, another to Germany and then a little closer to home in New York and also here in Raymond Minnesota.

They are planning a bike swap this summer during Cornfest and have already had a few very well known collectors stop in Ortonville to look over their inventory. It will be exciting to see the new community of collectors making a trek to the MNbump.  They will soon share the latest happenings at the Old Bike Barn LLC on their new website and Facebook page (on-line soon). Until then, feel free to stop down and take a look – It is most definitely worth the stop!  It is the new building next to Carquest of Ortonville and Gabe’s Auto Service – 547 US Highway 12, Ortonville.

The quick photos that I took this morning are of the 1956 Chevy Nomad; however if you look up you will see some of their bike inventory.

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  • What an amazing new idea and business for Ortonville. I hope this business Succeeds and brings other business ideas to fruition.

    • Sorry for the confusion (that I created!). The new business name is Old Bike Barn LLC – and the business next door used to be named Pro Auto; however, there are new owners and now Old Bike Barn LLC is located next to Carquest of Ortonville and Gabe’s Auto Service.

    • THANKS! You are right (I still call people by their maiden names by accident 30 years later too!) — I will correct my post.

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