Bald Eagles – Hundreds of them! – Updated

Bald Eagles – Hundreds of them! – Updated

Thanks to the gals at Minnwest Bank (esp. Kim Kuchenmeister!) for alerting me to the Bald Eagle find! Great opportunity to take the kids to see a group of Bald Eagles like no other in the area – head over to the Big Stone Power Plant (north side of the ponds). They are flying around and landing on the ponds and by driving further west you will find them in the trees next to the north side of the road!  (you will also find them in groves scattered around the area)  Beautiful!

Update: Fun to see the interest in the Eagles!  This post was viewed 807 times today by 662 unique visitors.

With Fish!  Thanks to Brenda & Jim Haugen for sharing this great picture!  Bald Eagle by Jim Haugen w Watermark

Thanks to Photographer Rob Rakow for sharing the picture below!  You can find more pictures of the Eagles on Rob Rakow Photography’s Facebook Page

Eagle by Rob Rakow