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Janine Teske Profile PicOur second Community Blogger went on-line last night!  Janine Teske will be blogging for Clinton – and she has been busy.  With Janine’s experience with WordPress (the blogging software used for this site) on the Clinton Celebration website, there was no learning curve for her – as soon as the log-in information was sent to her she was working on the site!  She was also busy collecting Clinton area business information before she was sent the log-in information and has quite a list of updates.  The business listing on MNbump will be updated with those additions today!

If you are in the Clinton area and have a business or an event that you’d like covered, please contact Janine.  Link to Clinton’s Blog and Janine’s contact information:

Bloggers for Ortonville, Graceville & Johnson, and Beardsley & Barry will be going on-line soon!

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