WCCO – Goin’ to the Lake Series in Ortonville

WCCO – Goin’ to the Lake Series in Ortonville

WCCO Day 1

The links below (Day1 & Day 2) each have many video links from their trip!

Going to the Lake (Day 1)

Goin’ To The Lake: Ortonville (Day 1)

Going to the Lake (Day 2)

Goin’ To The Lake: Ortonville (Day 2)

“Maxie’s suiting up with the Ortonville high school football team!”


WCCO Ortonville Golf Course


Fun tour of the Ortonville Golf Course 🙂


WCCO Tox Thomas Interview

Interview with Artie Arndt of Artie’s Bait and Tackle –
Source: 8-18-16 Sports to the Max 8pm


Interview with John Thomas – the Rox
John Thomas spoke with Mike Max on Sports to the Max about Rox baseball and his father/Rox manager Ron Thomas.

A State of 10,000 lakes – and Big Stone Lake is one that is picked for WCCO’s Goin’ To The Lake Series – awesome! Watching Tanner taking out the WCCO crew for a short fishing spot for their program was fun to watch – Tanner is one of our young people that is looking for ways to stay in our area — and bonus, his service brings more people to enjoy the MNbump! (video below)


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