MNbump Wellness Challenge – Thank You & Wrap-Up!

MNbump Wellness Challenge – Thank You & Wrap-Up!

There were 22 teams (ranging from 9 to 11 people)
with a total of 226 number of participants!!
Total weight lost:  1,863 pounds (WOW!)

Winning teams (I’m hoping they send in a group photo from each of their celebration gatherings!) were:

1st PlaceMain Street Industries – Main Street Muscle – with 7.3% weight loss
Amanda Kuefler, Lisa Lindquist, Jeremy Tollakson, Joanne Vangness, Terri-Skog-Anderson, Arlene Athey, Karrie Findley, Lane Lindquist, Robin Olson, Roger Findley

2nd PlaceOAHS – Iron Maidens – 6.57% Weight loss
Nicole Lovgren, Dr. Susan Andersen, Sandy Brown, Kristen Brobst, Melissa Davis, Sarah Velzke, Kendra Fryer, Missica Lowe, Corina Hanson, Natasha Haukos

3rd PlaceThis just Thin – 6.18% Weight loss
Brenda Zahrbock, Anita Longnecker, Rachel Zinski, Josh Zinski, Brent Zahrbock, Lindsey Lee, Alicia Lee, John Thomas, Jeannine Dashiell, Kelsie Thomas, Adam Dashiell

With 1,863 pounds… I’d say all teams (and MNbump!) were winners!  However, this Ortonvillian must acknowledge the MNbump winning community was CLINTON!  🙂

If you’d like to watch the Facebook Live video from the weigh-in reveal – USE THIS LINK!

Thank you to those who sponsored this event:  Countryside Public Health, Essentia Health, OAHS (along with MNbump – Big Stone Area Growth).  And, thank you to KDIO for all of the coverage of this challenge!

There were many that helped – it takes  quite a bit of time & help from many to keep communications open with 226 people involved – However, I (Vicki), would like to give a shout out to Lynelle Dwyer & Sara Tollakson for coming up with the idea… and a HUGE shout out specifically to Sara Tollakson of OAHS for leading this event and handling by far the organization and administration pieces that come with an event like this – a very successful event like this!  It is easy “not to see” the time and effort it takes for a 10-week event – but I can assure you that it was not as easy as she made it look.  Sara is a non-stop ball of energy (and, from just that alone, I’m exhausted) – THANK YOU SARA!  …and with many participants indicating that they’d like to see another challenge, she has even agreed to do it again!  She has been making notes of things to do differently on the next go-around and looking for suggestions from those that participated (and everyone) for the next challenge.

Again, THANK YOU to Sara Tollakson!

Lynelle Dwyer & Sara Tollakson

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