Meet the MNbump Connectors!

Meet the MNbump Connectors!

They say it takes a village to raise a child.   In this case our “child” is the Facebook page and Website and the Village, obviously is you, the people from our area that are always here to support the Community of Big Stone County and beyond.

With that being said, we thought it might be a great opportunity for us to introduce you to those of us behind the scenes of the MNbump and let you know how to reach out to us to be able to provide you with opportunities to promote our area and your events in the communities that you represent.  Our goal is to be your direct contact for all events and activities happening in the county and to assist you to promote them.  If you have something that you would like shared on the MNbump or an activity you would like to partner with the MNbump (i.e. OAHS’s Wellness Challenge) contact one of us to help you get started.


Ortonville:  Vicki Oakes, has been with the MNbump since its inception and developed the initial website and Facebook page.  She has contributed hours upon hours of time working to get it what it is today.  Currently in her position with the Ortonville Economic Development Authority, Vicki is also the MNbump Coordinator for the City of Ortonville.  Vicki works with the businesses and organizations in Ortonville. 



Odessa & Correll:  Mary Hillman is our MNbump Connector for the cities of Odessa and Correll.  Residents and organizations in those areas should reach out to Mary if there are things going on or information that they want posted or shared.  Mary is also the Director for the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber of Commerce.


Graceville:  Gina Gilsdorf is our MNbump Connector for the City of Graceville.   Gina is available to share information about the community of Graceville and to be a contact for sharing events and information to the #MNbump.



Beardsley:  Our newest Connector is Matthew “Slim” Meyer from Beardsley.  Slim (as he prefers) is now promoting the City of Beardsley on the MNbump and those in that area should feel free to contact him to add activities to the MNbump.


Clinton, Johnson and Barry:  Janine Teske, of Clinton has been a blogger for the City of Clinton for several years and more recently was hired as an as the MNbump Coordinator for the communities of Clinton, Graceville, Beardsley, Odessa and Correll. 


In addition to her role as MNbump Coordinator, Janine also serves as the Big Stone County Navigator.  In this roles she works to facilitate communication with and between organizations, businesses, schools, churches and others in the county.  The goal is to gather data and/or coordinate activities to focus on regional workforce, business recruitment and development, promotion, youth and family resources and community activities.  Contact Janine if you have information or need assistance with any activities.   We’ll see you on the #MNbump!

For a bit of history about how the MNbump came together, please click here to read the blog post written by Vicki Oakes of the Ortonville EDA back in 2016.

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