Did You Know? #1 of Series

Did You Know? #1 of Series

an #MNbump Series – #1-Paul Bunyon’s Anchor

This is a first of a series about things in the #MNbump that we are calling #MNbumpExplore. You may or may not know about these places but we encourage you to go check them out, take a selfie or group photo with them and share the photos on your page, tagging MNbump.com or #MNbump on Facebook!

Paul Bunyan’s Anchor – Up on the hill overlooking Big Stone Lake is the home of Paul Bunyan’s Anchor. This large chunk of granite was cut from the granite quarries in the area. Thousands of years ago Ortonville and the land north all the way to Hudson Bay was covered by a gigantic glacier lake named Lake Agassiz. The legends is that while Paul was out fishing one day, he threw his anchor up on the hill, and voila! The part about the lake is true, however you can believe what you want about the anchor. Anyone traveling through the area should check it out, the view is spectacular along with some great history and information posted near the anchor along with the awesome Big Stone County Museum. #MNbumpExplore #MNbumpOrtonville

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  • I believe my dad, Jim Kaercher was involved in getting the monument erected there. If I recall there is a plaque listing many who were involved with the effort. Very Cool monument! Beautiful Paul Bunyan’s Anchor! We are fortunate to have it in Ortonville as a tourist trap. 🙂

    We used to have picnic dinners there–under the anchor..my mom, Jeanette, my sister, Suzette and myself along with mom’s friend Winnie Welch who used to live atop of the Greenhouse Hill near us. We would get something from Mr. Bud’s, the A & W drive-In in Big Stone City or Cashtown Cafe and take it to go 🙂

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