Did You Know? – #2 of Series

Did You Know? – #2 of Series

an #MNbump Series – #2 – Glacial Rocks in Big Stone County

This is a Second in a series about things in the #MNbump that we are calling #MNbumpExplore. You may or may not know about these places but we encourage you to go check them out, take a selfie or group photo with them and share the photos on your page, tagging MNbump.com or #MNbump on Facebook!

The Glacier Rocks between Odessa and Correll on Hwy. 7 are something we have admired for years. I remember my 6th Grade Minnesota History book that included photos of the rocks, and how excited I was to be able to say “I know where those are!” How many of you have taken the time to actually stop and check them out and see how large they are. Also remember heading home and knowing we were almost there when we passed the rocks. What are your memories of the “big rocks?” Let us know! #MNbumpExplore

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