Did You Know – #5 of a Series – The Odessa Jail

Did You Know – #5 of a Series –                  The Odessa Jail

an #MNbump Series – #5 The Odessa Jail

This is the fifth in a series about things in the #MNbump that we are calling #MNbumpExplore. You may or may not know about these places but we encourage you to go check them out, take a selfie or group photo with them and share the photos on your page, tagging MNbump.com or #MNbump on Facebook!

The old Odessa Jail building is still standing in Odessa and has been the subject of many conversations throughout the years.  We’d be interested in hearing some of them (if they are appropriate) on our page here and on Facebook.  The video below was found online and I am not sure who John the Mouse is.  It gives a video tour of the building.


The sign on the building says the Jail Cells were built by ET Barnum Iron Works ET Barnum Iron Works from Detroit, Michigan.  (click the link to see more info on that company, kind of interesting!)



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  • That old jail hold many memories for a lot of kids. My kids still talk about that old jail. The slide and swing right in front of the jail. Sweet memories were made there.

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