COVID-19 Business & Organization Facebook Group

We have created a Facebook Group for our businesses, organizations, churches, etc. to post their latest updates and information they would like to get to our residents.  As you can see below, those using this group to find updates on our businesses will be able to search all the posts – so when you are sharing one of your business posts or just adding a text update, make sure to use keywords that people would likely search for your business.  To note, the search does include your name or businesses name whatever you are using to share your information – it does that automatically.  We will update this page as we have tips on posting and searching.

Those checking out this Group Page – MNbumpBusinessOrganizations – will see this (below) which has the “search” box near the bottom.

If you have suggestions on how Big Stone Area Growth / MNbump can assist in connecting to resources, please use our contact tab at the top of this website and let us know!

This is not intended to replace advertising with our local media.  Especially at a time when so many are shut-in, they will be looking to KDIO 1350 AM (you can listen on-air and also on-line through their app), Ortonville Independent and the Northern Star for their local updates, news and just general mode of connecting with what is happening locally – so this is really prime time to advertise with them!

As a reminder, if you are looking for any business in Big Stone County, please use the link above (SEARCH for Businesses, Organizations, Hobby Groups & more) which will take you to the list pictured below… on any category that has a + behind it, click on the + to view the subcategories.  The example below shows how it would appear if you hit the “+” behind Restaurants & Coffee.  You can then select the subcategory to view – or of course, you could just select the main “Restaurants & Coffee” and see them all listed.   Further down the page (not shown below), there are additional options and a form to complete if you want changes in the categories on your listing or if your business is not listed.  There is no cost to be listed on this website.

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