…and What About Our Youth!?

They are busy… and adults are so busy making sure that their kids are where they need to be for their next activity that sometimes we forget to stop.  Take a breath… and celebrate their accomplishments and all that they are involved in!  Take this post as an example!  I’ve great intentions to write an article about 4-H –  for quite some time and sent out a request for additional information; however, everyone is busy with that next activity.  So, we’ll give a glimpse into 4-H with some of the pictures and video that we’ve captured.

4-H.  We think “Big Stone County Fair” and many love to head straight to the barns – and watch the horse show, the animal judging – however, we may miss the actual judging of all of projects and accomplishments of the items that are on display in the non-animal 4-H building.  There is so much to take in when you start really looking at the vast opportunities that 4-H provides!  And, really… the fair is a time of show and celebration at the closing of a very busy year for those involved!  (note – a fun fact I recently learned – you do not need to live on a farm for your kids to be involved with the animal portion.  We have some great 4-H supporters out there that lend their animals, their barns/location for the program!)  Below you’ll see a couple of short videos (2017 & then 2016 highlights) from the County Fair.  A Robotics demonstration which I hope you take the time to watch… very impressive!  They demonstrate what they have built and how it can be useful in Big Stone Lake!

Check out what our 4-H youth accomplished at State!
2017 State Fair Results for Big Stone County Participants



Who has not been to the 4-H Milk Wagon!?

Check out the stargazing equipment!


So much involvement, experiences – with dedication and hard work mingled in with lots of fun!  Here is an interesting link to check out Arts-In musical show… a news story about Minnesota State 4H Arts-In, and 4H at the state fair in general. Jason Helgeson (son of Harley & Ellen Helgeson) was a member of the technical crew for Arts-In (this video review), which meant he helped build the set for the show from August 11-18, and then once the sets were built, he was on the crew that ran lights and sound for all the Arts-In shows for the duration of the fair. This same crew ran lights and sound for all performing arts events held at the 4H building throughout the entire fair, including for Share the Fun, County Arts-In shows, performing arts shows for each of the four encampments, etc.  LINK:  http://cbsloc.al/2cj2Zzy

Below is a picture of Jason for his performing arts project purple ribbon.  He did a vocal solo, “Shenandoah”.

Learn more about Big Stone County 4-H:
Link! – click here

… for other youth activities, check out our post from a recent 4th grade & younger Basketball Tournament (pretty competitive young folks!):  Link!

Check out our School Websites! 
Clinton-Graceville-Beardsley School
Ortonville School

…AND, as long as we’re talking 4-H and the BSC Fairgrounds Thank you to AgCountry Farm Credit Services of Graceville for donating $15,000.00 for the building of a 4-H indoor livestock arena at the Big Stone County Fairgrounds!  There is always room for more donations – contact the BSC 4-H Office!


Life is good, here on the MNbump!

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