Month: August 2018

Big Stone National Wildlife refuge – Who, What and Why?

An event at the Ortonville Community Center Hosted by Kelsie Thomas and Scott Simmons Wednesday, August 23, 2018 Ortonville’s Park Board member (and newly appointed President of the Board), Kelsie Thomas takes her part in the review and use of the parks very seriously – and wants to make sure the public is aware of what we have available in the area  – and helped organize what I hope to be a series of similar presentations. Simmons’ passion clearly stands out as he provides the “Who, What and Why” -and answers those frequently asked questions like “why did the trees get cut down?” and “why burn when burning takes nests with it?” — great answers!

Beardsley Fire & First Responder’s Pork Supper

This is always a fun summer event in Beardsley!  Kids playing in the Park, delicious pork supper, great conversation and… this year’s safety demonstration was provided by the Traverse Electric Co-op, Inc. out of Wheaton.  I’ve embedded the demonstration from the Facebook Live post below – and I would highly recommend watching it – very useful information!  I could write about the warm greetings you receive when you enter the park and the awesome feel you get from this community picnic – but I think the pictures tell the story best!   Facebook Live Video – video quality a little off in the very beginning but it gets better as the video progresses. You can check out last year’s safety demonstration & dinner post at this link: 2017 Beardsley Fire & First Responders’ Pork Supper

Traveling to Ortonville for Cornfest

As Mary Hillman, the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber Director, spends late nights at the office and her days running around coordinating Ortonville’s largest annual event — with the City Crew busy “dusting up” the town — and countless volunteers have organized groups to assist with the celebration, it is absolutely heartwarming to see this post (pictured below) on a private Group “You know you were raised in Ortonville MN if you remember…” After first letting it sink in how excited Ty Adams is to be returning to Ortonville with his family for a 30th School reunion and Cornfest – then seeing that he received 10 recommendations from 24 people with an exchange of conversations within 66 comments — and of course noticing that we have some really highly recommended dining options, I thought… this is really what life is all about! Living Rural and Loving it, here on the MNbump! Enjoy the weekend, everyone! What were the recommendations?  …here they are in no particular order. Downtown Diner, in Clinton Lakewood Supper Club Big Rock …