MNbump has just completed its fifth year online.  We reached out with a survey last year – and we are again asking for your input.  We would appreciate andy and all input – what you like about the website & Facebook page –  if there is something you don’t like –  or suggestions of any kind!  The survey will remain open for a couple of weeks – and then the MNbump team will review and evaluate as we plan for the future. The survey results along with the Team Plan will be submitted/presented at the next Big Stone Area Growth meeting.

A couple of Stats from MNbump (as of today, June 8th)

  • We’ve had 5,446 different visitors to our website this year
  • Our COVID-19 Business Resource page has been utilized 1,625 times
  • FacebookLast 28 days

so we are reaching and connecting with a large number of folks – this survey will help us to adjust our work to better fit the wants and needs of you, the residents of Big Stone County.

Thank you for taking the time to complete the survey!

LINK to survey:


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