This is Ortonville via Video!

This is Ortonville via Video!

As the Ortonville MNbump Connector, I’m sharing activities from this community – and taking videos is my favorite hobby so I grab my camera anytime I am headed to school activities or community events.  All the videos are posted immediately on our Facebook page and then later they are loaded to our YouTube channel.  I see I have some catching up on that YouTube load!  I’ve selected a few videos that I hope help you to get a feel for our community.  Our people are certainly our best asset – and we take great pride in our youth and their accomplishments (just scroll through our Facebook page, and check out the announcements!)  All of our communities, here on the MNbump, would make a GREAT place to live.

Sample of Ortonville Trojan events

(more video on our FB page and YouTube Channel)

Ortonville Annual Events, a few Highlights

Random Ortonville Events


more video on our FB page and YouTube Channel

And, check out the City of Ortonville’s welcome page on their website for more information –  LINK HERE

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