MNbump Christmas 2017

MNbump Christmas 2017

A wonderful family/community time of year, here on the ‘bump!

A short one minute video with random pics/video taken from all of our Santa Day celebrations in Big Stone County – Beardsley, Clinton, Graceville & Ortonville.  You can’t help but smile when you see the children having such a good time!  A huge “Thank you” to the following groups that hosted the Santa Day Celebrations:

The lighted parade held in Ortonville was a fun evening for the kids (and adults!).  The Santa Day celebration in Ortonville was hosted by the Ortonville Downtown Revitalization Committee – with special kudos to Missy McMahon for organizing the parade portion of the day’s event!

It was fun to see the parade represented many from the area… A “Merry Christmas from Clinton” float, a couple entries from Odessa and a couple from Big Stone City along with the Ortonville floats.  Lots of family visit time while waiting for the parade to begin – and lots of candy for the kids.  Fun memories in the making!

Below are a few highlights from various church Christmas programs.  I video taped the Abiding Faith Lutheran program from beginning (piano music before the program as we were being seated) to the very end.  Although I do not attend this church, one thing about living rural is that we have VIPs in many different church programs and enjoy our time wherever that takes us!  So although we only have a full video of one program, there were so many awesome programs throughout the County.  I will share a few Facebook Feed highlights below the video – check them out!  Enjoy.  Living Rural and Loving it!

Click on the Facebook Icon to go to the post on their page & you’ll be able to view all of the pictures!

On the next two Facebook posts, make sure the volume is up to hear! (once you click on the Play Button, you’ll see the volume control in the bottom right corner on the video – or click on the Facebook icon on the video rather than the Play Button and you’ll be able to view directly on their Facebook Feed – for comments, etc. & other posts)


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