Main Street Industries & Training

Main Street Industries & Training

Meet Main Street Industries!  Although most of us are aware of the annual Main Street Industry’s auction and dinner, I’m not sure that many know of the extent of services that they offer – both to businesses and residential homes.  In this time of low unemployment rate, I hope you check out the services that can be provided by Main Street Industries (MSI) in Clinton.  They provide a variety of services to 20+ customers currently and have 32 clients available to assist!  And, MSI provides training and job coaching – so give them a call if you have a job you need to fill at (320) 325-5251.

Check out the following interviews to learn about Main Street Industries & Training Center!

History & Goals


Customers & Jobs

Training & Coaching Services

Program Aspects of MSI

What the average day looks like at MSI

Having some fun

Getting Paid! The heart for people shined through in every employee interview; however, it really struck me as I listened during this interview how special this group of people really is (and no surprise that they entered the MNbump Wellness Challenge as a group and won first place!)  I’d like to think the person that handles my payroll was excited to calculate my check as Joanne is when she calculates for MSI!


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