King of Trials – Highway 75

King of Trails Hwy 75 in MN

Welcome from the Big Stone County Highway 75 King of Trails communities of Odessa, Ortonville, Clinton and Graceville!  The links above will take you to each of the City’s own Community Blogger site for articles and pictures for their events and businesses.

Ortonville is currently gearing up for their annual Cornfest Event which is August 14, 15 & 16th!  Link for the Cornfest Activities

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This Calendar includes activities from the MNbump and the Big Stone Lake Area Chamber Calendars and also area events and schedules from our local businesses & organizations that maintain their own Calendars.

You’ll find our County-wide informational links listed above on the top line menu (i.e. how to find our businesses, what to do, where to eat and where to stay) — check us out on Facebook!

Our area Chamber of Commerce has an excellent website highlighting their member businesses and latest activities.

We hope you are enjoying (or will enjoy) your travels along the Highway 75 King of Trails!  If you have questions, please use our Contact Us page!

Big Stone Lake
Ortonville Golf Course, Big Stone Lake