Corina Kells’ Conceptual Photography Show

Corina Kells’ Conceptual Photography Show

The Smallest Art Gallery in Ortonville held an Artist Reception for Corina Kells on Thursday, July 5th from 5:00 to 6:30.   Corina Kells specializes in expressive conceptual photography to capture complex emotions such as fear, sadness, confusion, and isolation.  Her goal is to bring awareness to mental health issues and cultivate conversation.

Due to another event in Ortonville, I did not make it to this reception until a few minutes after 6 and missed Corina’s presentation (I was very disappointed!)  — not that I would have had much room to stand since the gallery was packed when I arrived.  I did, however, get a chance to talk one on one with the artist about her work and the life experiences that are detailed within her photography (she was kind enough to visit with me until 7:00!)  Her insights  into the opioid and mental health epidemic and the way she is reaching out through art is amazing.  It is not only a personal therapy for her it is also an impactful way to reach out to bring awareness, understanding, and help to others who are experiencing similar walks; while also helping those who are desperately looking to reach out to someone they know with an addiction.  She stresses the importance of going deeper into the mental health issues that are at the core of the addictions – to increase the odds of avoiding a relapse.  I would encourage everyone to stop down and take in Corina Kells photography – and if you are fortunate enough to stop when the artist is there, please introduce yourself and talk with her… you will find that her work is not only interesting, you’ll leave with an insight and a knowledge that could very well help someone you know with an addiction.  Check out this link to an article from the Ortonville Independent on Corina Kells’ work.

On another note – but definitely connected…

After talking with Corina last night, I received a notification that The Center for Rural Policy and Development had posted on their Facebook Page – which tied in perfectly with the importance and need for the type of awareness that Corina’s art provides.  

RuralMN Radio:  The drug crisis is more than opioids, Part 1

RuralMN Radio:  The drug crisis is more than opiods, Part 2

As noted in the above audio links (both only about 3 minutes long):  The topic of drugs and addiction “It’s an addiction crisis”.  Drug and alcohol addiction is completely intertwined with mental health (which also includes shopping addiction, gambling…)  The full article will be released next week.

The battle is real.  An epidemic.  Corina Kells’ photography is her therapy that can also bring real help.  Check it out – and talk with her if you get the chance!

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