Month: October 2016

Jeremy Radtke’s Design Connects Ortonville Business to State Tournament

We are considered “rural” here on the MNbump – people enjoy coming to our area for the fishing and the beauty of Big Stone Lake, the National and State Parks – the beauty of a more open-space quality of life.  Our region is perfectly described with two hashtags – #QuietlyBeautifulMN, #WildlyConnectedMN! — and for us, here on the MNbump, we have people like Dan and Brenda Kafka, who take full advantage of the “Connected” part of our Region’s hashtags! Dan and Brenda Kafka own Pro Image Partners in Ortonville.  When you look at the front of their business on Main Street (2nd Street actually – one of our little quirks) you see a nice, standard-sized rural retail store which proudly displays one of the strengths of their business  –  their reach… how they are “connected” beyond our City limits! (and… thanks to our County Commissioners’ vision for our future, the State’s Border-to-Border Broadband Development Grant and Federated Telephone, Big Stone County is now fully connected with the recent addition of fiber-to-premise throughout the County!) We found out yesterday that Pro Image Partners’ Jeremy Radtke’s design …

Great for Hunters ‘Where are you’ Map App

Great app if you are in Big Stone County – next to property that looks great to hunt – and you want the owner information!  This link will provide all of the public data through the County GIS system (who owns the property, size, value, taxes, etc) Directions: — Note:  Once you have downloaded the app & the BSC Map, you may just see a blue dot on the map… that is because it is zoomed in too close.  Zoom out to see the land features.  Click on the blue dot to get GIS location and click on the little white pop-up box with the GIS location to get more information on that property (sometimes it does take a couple of clicks on the box in order to get the little arrow & link to info when using smaller devices like your phone)   Link to the County Instruction Sheet (PDF):  doc101416-10142016154206

MNbump Fall Colors

Big Stone Lake to around Big Stone County, MNbump is beautiful this time of year.  We had a Facebook follower that commented on a post that had a few fall pictures from an afternoon drive (shown below) that she enjoyed seeing photos from the area – originally from Ortonville she now lives out-of-state – and that she remembered the umbrella of trees over the Lake Road (Hwy 7).  So we took a drive and video footage so that she could see the Lake Road’s fall colors (the video is below the pictures – the first 4 minutes is the Lake Road drive – we then also took a trip down Ortonville’s Main Street, up to our Hospital and past our expanding senior housing facility – located on our 18-hole golf course – Fairway View Communities which is almost complete).   Video – first 4 minutes is a drive down the Lake Road then through downtown Ortonville and by the hospital & clinic and then Fairway View Communities (senior housing complex on our golf course)

Survey – Ortonville Swimming Pool Upgrade

We need your help!  There is a group of parents researching the possibility of upgrading the Ortonville Swimming Pool.  They have been gathering information from other communities that have recently upgraded their community swimming pool.  They have also been gathering information from additional community pools on their rates (seasonal and daily). This group has gathered an impressive foundation of information, and they are now looking for your assistance!  Are families (residents) in the area interested in upgrading the swimming pool — or, there is another option that has been considered – a natural pool.  There may be an opportunity to obtain DNR funding to assist with a natural swimming pool at the pier – no chemicals, natural shade, turn the face of the city towards the  lake, make the arts center more viable, provide a demonstration platform for how plants can clean polluted water, etc.  For an example of a natural pool in Minneapolis, please  CLICK HERE! Please use this link to complete the survey as soon as possible – it would be much appreciated!!  SURVEY LINK:  ORTONVILLE SWIMMING POOL SURVEY  To …

Fall Family Fun

We have been sharing the family-fun fall activities on our Facebook page and thought we’d share the information on a one-stop blog post! October 28th is Ortonville’s Harvest Madness –  October 31st is Treat Street in Clinton –  7-75 Corn Maze Saturday & Sundays Noon to 6:00 p.m. Through October 23rd Things to do: Change tires on the care, make it a competition! Take your photo with bales or a minion Use the sling shot to hit the target Try the obstacle course Slide into the corn pit Play tic tac toe Bowling Match Game …. and try the maze!!! Also have pumpkins for sale Facebook Page: The Pumpkin Patch (MNbump – close neighbor!) Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. Until October 23rd! They offer hay rides, corn maze, corn dig, climbing bales and barrel train rides.  They have gourds, specialty pumpkins, Indian Corn, straw bales and corn stocks for sale! Website: Facebook Page: