Month: May 2016

How did all of the Pieces Come Together?

There are quite a few “In the beginning…” moments that came together to form the MNbump Initiative that we have today – and we are always moving and changing with more to come!  I will try to briefly identify each of them. First, we have amazing people here in Big Stone County!  Author Peter Kageyama’s book “Love Where You Live” emphasizes the importance of co-creators “those citizens who, often unofficially, are making their communities better, more interesting, more lovable places.  These exceptional people make the content that we all consume, and places are much better for having these people active and engaged.” Kagemama explains that these co-creators in our communities are already out there doing things – it is the job the of the leaders (mayors, city council and city managers) to find ways to connect with them and work with them.  (…and thank you to Scott Rixe of the Graceville City Council for sharing this book at one of our County Connect meetings!) Now, the organizations that have provided the assistance that have really made all of this …

Video Series: Living Rural and Loving it!

The “Living Rural and Loving it!” video series is an opportunity to view amazing photos taken in Big Stone County from some of our local photographers.  So, thanks to these photographers – enjoy the views from the MNbump! For more information (and videos!) on our local arts, please check out this link:  MNbump Arts!

2016 Cabela’s Master Walleye Circuit on Big Stone Lake

This past weekend, Ortonville hosted the 2016 Cabela’s Master Walleye Circuit on Big Stone Lake.  The day one boat launch was a picture perfect morning – from very early to full sun. Life is good here on the MNbump! Video of the boat launch that first morning: For complete info on the Cabela’s MWC Tournament with lots of great Walleye pictures, check out our blog post –