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Great for Hunters ‘Where are you’ Map App

Great app if you are in Big Stone County – next to property that looks great to hunt – and you want the owner information!  This link will provide all of the public data through the County GIS system (who owns the property, size, value, taxes, etc) Directions: — Note:  Once you have downloaded the app & the BSC Map, you may just see a blue dot on the map… that is because it is zoomed in too close.  Zoom out to see the land features.  Click on the blue dot to get GIS location and click on the little white pop-up box with the GIS location to get more information on that property (sometimes it does take a couple of clicks on the box in order to get the little arrow & link to info when using smaller devices like your phone)   Link to the County Instruction Sheet (PDF):  doc101416-10142016154206

Pheasant Hunting Season

Pheasant Hunting Season starts this morning – and what a beautiful morning it is in Big Stone County! If you are looking for landowner information or public hunting areas, general information, check out our links: Looking for a place to eat (with some local recommendations)??