Our Family Day Trips – Local over Memorial Day Weekend!

Our Family Day Trips – Local over Memorial Day Weekend!

Enjoying the outdoors and staying close to home as requested due to COVID-19.  This is what #LoveWhereYouLive looks like… I ended the weekend with quite a checklist of places yet to walk & fish (all just waiting for another weekend!).  We could have covered more ground but we decided we really wanted to go back to the Big Stone State Park for another day.

Highlights from our weekend.  First… what a treasure we have in the Big Stone State Park (LINK:  Park website).  I called to make sure that we could pull our little camper down for day trips to use it as our home base from walks & fishing – and it was open for that – we were even welcome to park our camper in any of the spots (we tried out a different one each day) and have a fire in the pit if we wanted!  Other than the boat landing, we were the only ones in the park – amazing to explore in the privacy of our family group of 3!  We fished from all of the little paths to the water from the camping spots, the fishing pier and the boat landing dock – we caught very nice sized sunfish, bass, smaller perch, and in the evening a couple of walleye – all from shore!  Fun to see so many different kinds of birds – one “couple” of Baltimore Orioles seemed to be letting us know we’d invaded their life… and the deer coming down from the hills in the evening making their way to the lake seemed quite surprised to see us there!  What a wonderful place to be last weekend!

Click on photos for a larger view!

There was also some time for walking in the Big Stone National Wildlife Refuge Auto Tour –

Walking the paths at the Bonanza Scientific and Natural Area –

A couple of places that we hit just before this weekend… nice fishing at the foot of Big Stone Lake right in town, Ortonville!

We were so busy Memorial Day weekend none of us even used the beautiful golf course right behind our house!  (18-hole municipal course check out their website for drone footage of the course & its views – LINK to golfortonville.com)  

It is with sincere sentiment when we add #LoveWhereYouLive to our posts on the MNbump Facebook posts!

And… I was able to video the Memorial Day Program in Ortonville on Monday morning.



2 thoughts on “Our Family Day Trips – Local over Memorial Day Weekend!”

  • Thanks for sharing. We all forget what a beautiful place Meadowbrook- Big Stone Lake State Park is. Ortonville has many treasures–that’s for sure.
    I loved seeing your photos–Looks like a very nice and relaxing weekend. Did you stay overnight there?

  • Thanks for checking in on the MNbump! No, we were unable to stay the night with the COVID-19 requirements overnight camping is not yet allowed; however, we could stay and enjoy the park until 10:00!

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