Month: March 2016

Church of the Holy Rosary in Graceville

With the amazing interaction that this photo received when I posted it to the MNbump Facebook Page, I thought it would make a great first post for our newly added category “Photo Highlights”.  I was running early for a meeting that was in Graceville – so I took a quick loop to drive along the lake and with the gorgeous evening and calm waters who could resist stopping to take a quick picture of that view!  (Facebook Insights:  4,300 FB feed reach, 446 post clicks & 218 likes, comments & shares for this picture!) This beautiful Church was erected during the pastorate of Father Michael O’Brien and was given the title of Church of the Holy Rosary.  In 1897, it was dedicated by Archbishop John Ireland.  The steeple was destroyed and other extensive damage done by a tornado in 1944.  Renovation and redecoration of the Church were completed during the years while Father D. Eichinger and Father D. Lehman were pastors.  (Information taken from the Big Stone County Historical Society’s “Big Stone County, Minnesota 1881-1981 book – Stop by …

About MNbump

How our name came to be… We tried (very hard!) to come up with a short phrase that would sum up Big Stone County; however, we have such a variety that it was hard for us to agree on a short phrase! One thing we did agree on was … our location!! Ask anyone around here where we live, and you’ll hear something like… “the western border of Minnesota on the bump”. This site became to be as a result of … The University of Minnesota Regional Sustainable Development Partnerships and the University of Minnesota Tourism Center were seeking five communities to participate in special tourism assessment project over the 18 months. The focus of this project was to help small communities (Under 1,500 pop) across Minnesota discover opportunities to develop community assets for sustainable tourism. Through community input during this process, marketing our tourism opportunities via web was identified as a top priority. With further discussion, it was determined that the web marketing could also provide an opportunity for residents to communicate. For the …

2016 Salt Lake Birding

Thank you to Edie for sharing this!  (If you’d like to see highlight’s from last year’s events: Birding 2015) Salt Lake Birding Weekend 2016 Saturday April 23 Sponsored by MOU and MRVAC If you’re dreaming about spring and finding migrating shorebirds or prairie wildflowers, why not join the 41st annual Salt Lake Birding Weekend? On Saturday April 23, 2016, volunteers will guide birders around Salt Lake, Big Stone Refuge, the lakes, wetlands and native prairies in Lac qui Parle, northern Yellow Medicine and southern Big Stone counties. This event is free and

Kelly Asche, U of M Center for Small Towns, Presentation

The presentation last night was excellent!  We have received great feedback on the evening, and we are looking forward to scheduling the first work session within the next few weeks. If there are people within the ages of 30 to 49 that are looking to move to rural areas of Minnesota, how do we let them know what a great option Big Stone County would by? BSAG Handout: Handout Page 1 Our Call to Action Handout  Page 2 About BSAG 2016-03-07, Big Stone Presentation  Presentation Video: BSAG Presentation Kelly Asche from Vicki Oakes on Vimeo.   Discussion following the Presentation Video:

Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting Invitation!

When:   Monday – March 7th – at 7:00 PM Where:  Veterans Memorial Building, Main Street, Clinton Rural is Our Opportunity This is your call to action! Population projections for 2010 to 2025 show that Big Stone County is 1 of only 9 counties projected to lose population during that time frame. How can we change that? Complete Information & Invitation:  Invitation BSAG Kelly Asche Kelly Asche comes highly recommended… and treats will be provided by the Inadvertent Cafe! Take a moment to look at the pictures below.  They are from just a few of our events that are held annually throughout MNbump (Big Stone County).  Do you know who the people are that work behind the scenes to make each of these (and other) awesome events happen?  Two of the pictures are not from an annual event; however, they took quite a large number of community members to make them happen! We are hopeful that you can attend the Big Stone Area Growth Annual Meeting on Monday, March 7th!  We all need to pull …